At this point you are serious about remodeling your home but you are asking yourself, “How do I know that this company is qualified to do the job?” To this we present the following questions (and answers) that you should ask any general contractor.

How long has your company been in business?

Hunerberg Construction was founded in 1984 and has operated continuously under that name and ownership since its inception. Our contractor’s license is #BC003243 and the license numbers started at 0001000 which means Hunerberg Construction was one of the first 2,300 contractors to be licensed in the State of Minnesota. License numbers issued today are over 20,000,000.

Where does your company office? How long have you been there?

In early 2005, after more than 15 continuous years of leasing space in the same facility, Hunerberg Construction purchased their new office/warehouse facility in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

How many projects has your company completed that would qualify you for our project?

Hunerberg Construction has completed over 4,000 diversified projects.

Is it possible to get a list of references?

At your request, Hunerberg Construction can provide a complete list of references including: previous customers, bankers, insurance providers, suppliers, sub-contractors and other professionals. The majority of these references have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Hunerberg Construction and we ENCOURAGE you to contact them.

Are you licensed and bonded to do business in Minnesota?

Hunerberg Construction was one of the first general contractors to be issued a contractors license by the Department of Commerce in the State of Minnesota (contractor license #BC003243). Hunerberg Construction has bonding limits up to several million dollars.

Is your company a member of any trade organizations?

Hunerberg Construction is a member of the Minnesota Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) which is an organization that promotes the overall welfare of merit shop contractors. Hunerberg Construction also boasts a 15 year membership with the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota.

How does your company choose its subcontractors?

Hunerberg Construction has a loyal team of subcontractors and suppliers that boast a proud tradition of working together to ensure a seamless project from start to finish. Our subcontractors are all licensed, bonded and insured for their specific trade and they are fiercely loyal to Hunerberg Construction due to our history of being a reputable contractor.

How does your company handle the design phase of the project?

Hunerberg Construction has design service capable of taking your initial hand-drawn sketches / concepts and converting them into a plan. This allows us to print full-sized plans and clearly communicate the design information to city officials, sub-contractors, and suppliers. We have also implemented "Picture It", our new design service that allows us to take an existing house picture & show our customers what their house would look like with changes to siding, stone, masonry, windows, trim, fixtures, etc. We can also show interior & exterior structural changes.

What type of warranty does your company provide?

Hunerberg Construction is known for standing behind their workmanship and doing whatever it takes to gain the satisfaction of our customers. It is this formula that has gained us enough trust and respect to perform multiple jobs for our customers and clients.