Traditional General Contracting

When detailed plans and specifications are available and there is ample time to complete the project, a traditional general contracting arrangement might be the best possible solution.

Design / Build Delivery

This type of delivery allows you to commence the project while final plans and specifications are still being developed which expedites project completion.

Negotiated Bid

If you want to save the time of bidding your project out to multiple contractors, consider negotiating the contractor’s fee upfront in an effort to simplify the process.

Not to Exceed Pricing

When you need the project done fast and you need to understand your maximum financial exposure consider a not to exceed pricing arrangement that serves as a "guaranteed maximum" price that the project can never exceed.

Construction Budgeting

Let us be your source for accurate financial forecasting without spending time and money with a design firm.

Building / Site Analysis

Put our expertise to work evaluating an existing structure, site or potential redevelopment opportunity.

Project Feasibility Analysis

With a combination of construction and real estate knowledge we can be an invaluable resource for evaluating your next project.

Development Services

We can help with the development process which has a regimented course of steps and governmental approvals necessary to get a proposed project "out of the ground".

In-House Design / AutoCAD

We have the ability to design projects in AutoCAD, print full-sized plans, and communicate this information to all necessary parties.

Specialty Consulting

Tap into our expertise in assisting with evaluating building designs, costs or insurance / tax valuations.


Project Specific Construction Services


Project Management

All projects start with our team of professional project managers who are experts in construction estimating, cost containment, contract management and remain in constant communication with our clients.

Job Supervision

Our on-site supervisors provide project scheduling, subcontractor management, project guidance and quality control. It is these dedicated individuals who are the backbone of the project and are the "eyes and ears" representing our company.

Project Administration

These behind the scenes professionals make certain that all the "I's" get dotted and the "T's" get crossed. They assist with contract administration, accurate and timely billing, project closeout and detailed accounting for every project.

Field Personnel

Our team of skilled carpenters are experts in all aspects of carpentry and we routinely perform the following services:

  • Rough & Finish Carpentry
  • Drywall Work
  • Setting Doors & Frames
  • Locks & Hardware
  • Concrete / Masonry Work
  • Minor Painting / Caulking
  • Demolition
  • Installation of Fixtures