"...she could not have done a better job handling this ever-changing project and I look forward to working with her....again in the future."

Michael Heimer

"Daniel Hamann was a pleasure to work with. He kept me informed on what was going to be done each day.... He also went out of his way to help us..."

Barry L. Weber

I was fortunate to have Amy Gabbard and Jeff Bullis running the project for Hunerberg....they handled the fifty three change orders and eith plan revisions without adding any time to the finish date.""

David Wanker

"..."Jeff Bullis is hands-down, one of the best job sups we have had the opportunity to work with in quite some time.""

Jim Hoffman

"[Whenever we spoke] I always felt like I was the most important person at that moment."

Lisa Holzer

"...we wish to commend you and Jason Korst's performance in the construction of this project. Your diligence to arrive at a successful project, is greatly appreciated."

Craig M. Skaaden

""You maintained your prompt friendliness and saw to it that the "Job got done" even in these little areas."

Luu Ann McFarland

"I am writing to thank you for your contribution to the Corcoran Police Department's Open House.""

Paul H. Schutte, Chief